40+ Dairy Free Stocking Stuffers for Christmas Morning

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The holiday season is upon us, and many of you may be looking for some awesome dairy free stocking stuffers that can help make Christmas morning festive and fun!  If you’ve got a food allergy family at home, not to worry mama – we’re rounding up some of our top picks for your kiddos.  You’ll find both candy options and non-food options (like toys and crafts) that are perfect additions to your holiday gifts.

Dairy Free Candy

There’s actually quite a bit of milk-allergy-safe candy on the market these days, and we go into a lot of detail in our full dairy free candy guide.  Below are some highlights of classic favorites that may be great for your child’s stocking.

Disclaimer:  Please exercise caution – manufacturer formulations can change at any time.  While we believe this list to be dairy free as far as ingredients at the time of publish, always check the label prior to purchase and consumption.  For severe allergies, you may need to contact brands to see if there is any risk of cross-contamination during processing, which we have not done here.

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Hard Candies, Chewy Candies, and Lollipops

  • Airheads
  • Dots
  • Dubble Bubble bubble gum
  • Dum Dum Lollipops
  • Everlasting Gobstoppers
  • Fun Dip
  • Jelly Belly jelly beans
  • Jolly Rancher hard candies 
  • Laffy Taffy
  • LifeSavers
  • Nerds
  • Now & Later candies
  • Pixy Stix
  • Ring Pops
  • Runts 
  • Skittles
  • Smarties candy rolls
  • Sour patch kids
  • Spangler candy canes
  • Spree hard candies
  • Starburst
  • Sweet Tarts
  • Twizzlers


The large majority of commercial chocolates contain dairy – however, there are some specialty brands that you can order which do not!  We go over many of these brands in detail in our dairy free nut free chocolate guide – but below are a few of our favorites that you can use for stocking stuffers.

  • Enjoy Life chocolateThey sell chocolate bars and chocolate chips, and are probably one of the easiest brands to find in stores.  For example, around my neck of the woods they’re easy to find in Stop and Shop and Target.
  • Free2Be Sun CupsThese cups are similar to Reese’s, but are made with sunflower butter and dairy-free chocolate, making them great for families with both allergy needs.
  • No Whey! ChocolateNo Whey! Foods makes all kinds of traditional chocolate treats, like Choco No Nos (similar to M&Ms), Pea NOT Cups (similar to Reese’s peanut butter cups), and No Whey! Bars (similar to Three Musketeers candy bars).  They’re tougher to find in store but you can order them online.
  • Amanda’s Own Confections – This company is great has they have a dedicated facility for their production, and they do a lot of holiday-specific candy.

Pro tip:  Often, holiday-specific chocolates from these brands sell out quickly.  If that’s the case, buy dairy free chocolate chips and grab a cheap lollipop or candy mold off of Amazon.  You can find them in different holiday shapes and wrap them in cellophane to place in your child’s stocking.

Other Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Of course, candy doesn’t need to be the only thing in your child’s stocking (or even in there at all if you’d prefer going with a completely candy-free stocking!).  There’s plenty of other ideas that are great for Christmas morning.

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Stocking Stuffers for Babies

  • Luvable Friends Unisex Baby Coxy Fleece Booties – These booties are so cute and cozy for the chilly winter time. With over 7,000 reviews, these are a popular Amazon find. The booties come in a variety of colors and are available in size 0 months to 4 years. You could get matching pairs for all of your little ones! The booties are machine washable to keep them clean and are 100% polyester.
  • Fisher Price Rattle n’ Rock Maracas – Your little one can make some music with these perfectly sized maracas. They are sure to fit into their stocking and their little hand. There are three color options available for purchase. The maracas have a soft pom pom on one end. The set comes with two maracas.
  • Baby Teething “Cookie” Toy – Instead of stuffing the stocking with cookies, try this adorable teether for your babe that is shaped as a cookie. This comes in two color options and has a pacifier clip on the end. This teething toy is BPA free. Easy to clean with warm, soapy water.
  • Squirting Penguin Bath Toy – This bath toy is perfect for the chilly season- the little penguin bath toy is the perfect winter addition to the tub. Three inches in length, perfect toy for your child to splash around with.
  • Baby Silicone Finger Toothbrush – This silicone, BPA-free toothbrush can go on your finger to brush your baby’s tooth or teeth. This brush comes with a stand and cover for storage in between brushes. It is safe to boil for cleaning as well. A cool product that is a fun twist on a standard toothbrush.

Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers

  • Crayola Twistable Crayons – This is fifty back of crayons to let your toddlers’ imagination go wild. These are twistable and do not need sharpening. The crayons are thick in plastic barrels, easy to hold and it helps prevent breaking.
  • Grumpy Monkey by Suzanne Lang – This book comes in hardcover or as a board book. The book explores the feelings of a grumpy monkey, Jim the Chimpanzee, and how to best deal with our emotions. Almost 6000 5-star reviews!
  • 3D Stickers – This comes with twenty sheets of stickers- over 500 total for children to use! These stickers are 3D and fun for children. There are a variety of stickers including numbers, animals, food and city life among other things.
  • Christmas Fox Plush – This adorable fox plush is perfect for cuddles not just Christmas season, but year round! I love this cute stuffed animal with it’s festive plaid scarf. 
  • Melissa & Doug Play Coffee Maker Set – This adorable coffee maker set looks like a Keurig!  This is a wooden set and will be durable for toddlers. Includes coffee pods, cups, brewer and more.  And yes, it might be a little big for the stocking itself, but it can go next to it or underneath. 😉

Stocking Stuffers for Elementary Age Children

  • Travel Scavenger Hunt Card Game – Traveling this holiday season? These cards will be a perfect way to pass time in the card while taking a break from electronics! Have fun working together to find the items on the card. Two or more players recommended.
  • Kinetic Sand – Science meets creativity with this kinetic sand! A 2 pound bag for plenty of fun, not messy like regular sand and non-toxic. Watch your child’s imagination shine with this product.
  • Dearfoams Kids Clog Slippers – These fun slippers are fleece and memory foam to keep your child cozy Christmas morning. There are different characters available including dinosaurs, unicorns, koalas and sharks.
  • LEGO Minecraft Pig and Zombie Set – Kids love minecraft and these easy-to-build characters will allow them to play offline. The set includes a cute pink pig and zombie to build. Your children will have fun putting these characters together and playing with them afterwards.
  • Rainbow Scratch Kit – These scratch kits are so much fun and show children a whole new way of drawing. The rainbow scratch pad comes with a wooden stylus for drawing. See what they will think up with this stocking stuffer!

There you have it – more than 40 ideas between candies, chocolates, and inedible gifts!  I hope this helps you have a fabulous holiday season.

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Santa's hand putting a dairy free stocking stuffer into a child's stocking

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