Free Dairy-Free Diet Guide!

Are you new to eating a dairy-free diet?  Whether you or your child has an allergy, or you’re making changes for other reasons – it can be overwhelming to learn a new way of eating!

That’s why we’ve put together a free guide to help you navigate some key aspects of the dairy-free diet.  Just subscribe to the newsletter below, and you’ll get this helpful information delivered right to your inbox.

Here’s what you can expect in your guide:

1. How to Navigate the Grocery Store on a Dairy-Free Diet

From labeling laws to words to avoid, this email will help you better navigate the supermarket to find safe foods for your diet.  You’ll also get a bonus list of helpful brand recommendations for companies that produce some great dairy-free foods!

2. Eating Out 101

For many people, going out to a restaurant can be one of the scariest and most challenging parts of following a dairy-free diet.  This section contains key questions to inquire about when dining out, and some allergy-friendly restaurant recommendations.

3. Surviving Social Situations

Gearing up for holidays with the family?  Going to a summer BBQ?  Bringing your kiddo with an allergy to a friend’s birthday party?  These situations can be a bit overwhelming when you’re following a specific diet.  Learn tips for navigating these!

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