About Dairy Free for Baby:

Hi there!  I’m Chrissy, an RD and food-loving gal.  I’ve got an adorable three year old boy at home with me now, who’s a little sweet, a little stubborn, and has an amazing head of hair.

When my kiddo was born, he suffered from several food intolerances – in particular dairy, soy, and eggs.  There I was, a new mom, trying to get into the swing of things with a newborn – and I had to overhaul my own diet so that I could keep nursing.  I was happy to do it for him, but goodness – there were a lot of changes I had to make!

Baby with a fedora

Luckily, my son outgrew all his intolerances around a year old.  But after seeing a lot of mom friends struggle with the same issue, I decided to start this website to make things easier for all the other moms dealing with this.  Make it easier…

  • To find reputable nutrition information that’s not coming from so-and-so on a baby forum
  • To find healthy recipes that aren’t the same old boring plain grilled protein and steamed vegetables
  • To have treats that fit allergy needs – dairy free cookies and cakes, here I come!
  • To find recipes appropriate for you, your kiddos, or a friend

Who is this website for?

I mean, technically it’s for anyone of course!  But most of the recipes and articles are created with the following peeps in mind:

  • Nursing moms who are changing their diet because their baby has a dairy intolerance
  • Moms who are introducing solids to babies with food intolerances
  • Families with food allergies
  • Anyone who needs dairy free recipes for their diet/lifestyle!

Chrissy’s “Official Bio”:

Chrissy Carroll is a vibrant Registered Dietitian blogger and social media enthusiast.  She runs several websites, including Dairy Free for Baby – where she shares dairy free recipes and nutrition information for nursing moms, babies/toddlers, and families.  Chrissy holds a Bachelors of Nutrition Science from Boston University and a Masters of Public Health Nutrition from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.  In addition to the certifications mentioned above, she is also a USAT Level I Triathlon Coach and an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer.  She currently resides in central Massachusetts with her husband and son.

Email:  [email protected]