Free MPSI Guide and Meal Plan

Hey, mama!

If you stumbled across this page, you’re likely looking for resources to help with cows milk protein allergy or milk soy protein intolerance (MSPI).  And I hope I can help you with that!

  • Are you worried your kiddo may have MSPI, and want to learn more about this condition?
  • Not sure how to navigate the grocery store now that you’re eating dairy free?
  • Looking for healthy meal inspiration that tastes great – but is meets your dairy-free and soy-free needs?

I’ve been there, my friend.  My kiddo was born with a dairy, soy, and egg intolerance when he was born.  I remember madly googling “MSPI baby” during a nursing session, scouring the internet for dairy-free meals, and examining baby poop way too often. 😉

That’s why I created this guide (along with some help from my fabulous intern, who blogs over at Art of Healthy Eating!).

You’ll find tons of helpful information to help on your dairy-free and soy-free journey, including:

  • Basic info on cow’s milk protein allergy and milk soy protein intolerance
  • Tips on how to avoid common unexpected sources of dairy and soy
  • Ingredients to avoid
  • “Safe” food Brands to include
  • Free 7 day meal plan with delicious, easy to make nutrient-dense recipes

Disclaimer:  I am not a medical doctor. All information in this guide is for informational purposes only.  Though I am a Registered Dietitian, downloading this guide does not constitute a patient relationship.  Please ALWAYS check with your doctor for any questions regarding your child’s medical condition and treatment.

Note – While this guide is geared towards moms who have babies with CMPA or MSPI, it’s also helpful for anyone that’s simply trying to eliminate dairy and/or soy.

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